Cybersecurity Involves Readiness For What Lies Ahead To Secure The Future

Your digital world is evolving. Let us secure your technology domain. Technical expertise, integrated with innovative tech and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your vision of the future.


Strengthen your business’s security for the future. Stay ahead of the most advanced adversaries with a highly skilled team of cyber experts by your side.

At Ejabi InfoSec, we view cybersecurity as the sentinel, a guardian of your digital domain. It goes beyond mere threat defense; it guarantees the uninterrupted progression of your digital ambitions. We support your business with a proactive, flexible, and tailored approach to cybersecurity that caters to your specific requirements ensuring a seamless business operation.

Future-proof your business with proactive cyber solutions. From comprehensive system penetration testing and anti-malware security solutions to SIEM, Next-GEN SOC, let us help you accelerate growth with inbuilt safeguards. 


System Audit & Gap Testing

Ejabi Infosec takes preliminary measures to safeguard your business. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of your business operation, drawing comparisons between your environment and similar organization scenarios. This establishes the foundation of security standards while aligning with your business and GRC (government risk compliance) policies. We enable our clients to gain valuable insights from our distinct vantage point, from security program design to audit preparations

Vulnerability Scanning & Risk Management

We then extend our expertise into areas such as vendor risk management, business continuity planning, technical security controls, vulnerability management, web application security, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI compliance issues by combining business acumen with cybersecurity expertise.

Penetration Testing

We perform comprehensive penetration testing and forensics investigations, supported by our cyber security team and project managers. For identification of known and unknown threats, vulnerabilities, breaches, and cybersecurity risks to your personnel, procedures, and operations. We strategically plan, orchestrate, and execute large-scale projects, ensuring maximum ROI and smooth business continuity. We ensure our clients can avail of these services on an as-needed, part-time, or full-time basis, thereby minimizing the risk of data breaches for those we safeguard.

Consultancy & Compliance Validation

A robust methodology ensures seamless business continuity. We provide advanced consultation for GRC-compliant cybersecurity solutions. We empower businesses through a comprehensive analysis of your business operation, gap analysis, and providing remediation solutions that align with your business requirements, information security policies, and network infrastructure.

Product-Specific Expertise

Simple strategies only go so far in getting organizations to achieve their targets. As a result, we take a customized approach, matching management with the best firewall consultants, intrusion prevention, SIEM, network access control (NAC) security, antivirus security consultants, and vulnerability scanning consultants. Our expertise lies in delivering tailored industry-leading security solutions to meet your requirements, aligning with your business environment, security controls, and standards.

Security Program Design

Safeguarding proprietary and sensitive customer data is imperative in today’s digital domain. Ejabi Infosec partners with clients to design a cybersecurity framework that outlines business objectives, validates business assets, evaluates risks, defines tolerance levels, and prioritizes areas for improvement. Subsequently, we implement your program, instruct staff on policies and best practices, and provide training to prepare them for incident response and preparedness.

OUR Solutions

Outsmart the most advanced attackers with the support of an adept cybersecurity team by your side.

Data Classification

Data Loss Prevention

Database Security

Intrusion Prevention

SIEM and NexGen SOC

Network Access Control (NAC) Security

Anti-malware Security

Vulnerability Scanning

CISO Consulting Services and vCISO Services

Vendor Risk Management

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Management

Application Security

Threat and Risk Intelligence

Email Security and Digital Identity Protection

Identity Access Management

DNS Security Protection

Passwordless Access Control

Compliance Experts

GDPR Consultants

HIPAA Consultants

PCI Consultants

Key Features

Our Ejabi InfoSec Value Add To Businesses With Our Cybersecurity Solutions

Leading Advisors In Information Security

We offer a scalable, adaptable, and highly cost-effective approach to detecting and addressing critical vulnerabilities. Gain access to our certified experts with confidence, knowing that our skills, expertise, and methodologies meet the highest standards.

Powered By Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Solutions

Integration of the latest tools and tech raises new vulnerabilities, broadening the risk of potential attacks. Even knowledge-intensive applications on enterprise networks are susceptible to cyber threats. Vulnerabilities such as software and configuration flaws present opportunities for threats to be exploited. We perform automated security tests to identify system weaknesses and their severity to address with prompt patching solutions.

Prompt Identification, Detection & Response

Leverage our leading cybersecurity analyst team for precise threat identification, detection, and prompt response measures to ensure seamless business operation

Improve Cyber Resilience With Multi-Layered Security

Emails are the primary target for increasing sophisticated threat attacks. Ejabi Infosec delivers comprehensive multi-layer email security solutions and approaches that minimize false positives and safeguard your business against spam, unwanted junk emails, gateway assaults, viruses, phishing endeavors, and malicious URLs.

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