Cybersecurity Engineering

“True Cybersecurity is preparing or what’s next, not what was last ”

- Neil Rerup

Keep clients from risk

We examine operations objectively, comparing your environment to similar organizations and situations. Our clients benefit from insight gained from our unique vantage point, from security program design to audit preparation. We can consult on vendor risk management, business continuity planning, technicalsecurity controls, vulnerability management, web application security, and GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI compliance issues by combining business acumen with cybersecurity expertise. We also perform penetration testing and forensic investigations, with cyber security project managers on hand to plan, orchestrate, and execute large-scale projects while ensuring maximum ROI. All of this is available to our clients on an as-needed, part-time, or full-time basis. This reduces the possibility of data breaches for those for whom we provide security solutions..

Product-specific Expertise

Simple strategies only go so far in getting organizations to where they need to go. As a result, we take a customized approach, matching management with the best firewall consultants, intrusion prevention consultants, SIEM consultants, network access control (NAC) security consultants, antivirus security consultants, and vulnerability scanning consultants. We are familiar with the leading security products. We understand how crucial it is to implement them in your very specific environments. Our hands-on experts concentrate on security controls and standards specific to your company.

Security Program Design

Protecting proprietary and sensitive customer data is an essential component of doing business in the digital age. We collaborate with clients to develop a cyber security framework that outlines business objectives, assesses risk, defines tolerance levels, and prioritizes gaps. We can then put your program into action, educate staff on policies and best practices, and train personnel to prepare for and respond to incidents

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