Our Professional Services

Simplify your compliance requirement with eJABI'S Risk Assessment as a Service 

Achieving and maintaining compliance protects your business from fines and penalties, and ultimately keeps clients, partners, or upper management happy. The results of your Risk Assessment guide your remediation efforts and risk management efforts moving forward.

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Consult your most sensitive environment


We help you prepare and implement your secure environment, by considering the most critical scenarios based on the business sensitivity level. Our consultation services includes and not limited to: 

  • PCI - PIN Security 

  • PCI - Card Production and Provisioning 

  • PCI - Secure SLC

  • Cyber-risk Consolation 

  • ISO Quality Management System

  • ISO Information Security Management System

Identify and remediate all vulnerabilities inside your ecosystem

Ejabi InfoSec helps you to identify, measure, analyze and close critical gaps inside your ecosystem through:

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Network Penetration Testing

  • Application Penetration Testing

  • External Approved Scanning


Train your staff, and reduce the internal risk


Internal Risk shapes more than 75% of all the threat space. At Ejabi InfoSec we train your staff and enhance awareness against cybercrimes and social engineering. Our training flavors:

  • Cybersecurity awareness training

  • Payment Industry training 

We take you beyond compliance