PCI 3-D Secure

Secure. Authenticate. Thrive: 3-D Secure Assessment.

PCI 3-D Secure is a message verification protocol utilized in the payment card industry, enabling user validation related to CNP transactions (card not present) It provides an extra defense layer against online fraud threats. The PCI 3DS core security standard outlines essential physical and logical security measures for safeguarding environments. 


Compliance is obligatory for organizations involved in managing or providing these components.

Ejabi Infosec supports companies in deploying 3-D Secure services. We offer assessment and consulting services to ensure the proper implementation of security controls, fortifying the 3-D Secure transaction process.

What We Offer With PCI 3-D Secure ?

  • Future-proofing businesses, preparing businesses for the future changes in the payment industry and ever-evolving threats.
  • Compliance assurance with PCI 3-D Secure businesses can be rest assured of abiding by regulatory requirements and policies. 
  • Enhanced security with an extra defence layer to safeguard organizations from fraudulent activities. The 3DS Security Requirements encompass tailored security measures designed to safeguard 3-D Secure data, technologies, and processes.
  • Enhanced customer experience with faster and streamlined authentication for users. 
  • Abides by best practices followed in various industry standards. As it should be taken into account for any type of environment to ensure business continuity.


PCI 3DS Scope

At Ejabi Infosec, we perform a comprehensive analysis of the complete scope and coverage of the PCI environment on the basis of 3-D Securecompliance requirements.

Gap Assessment

We then perform a thorough system analysis identifying missing gaps and vulnerabilities, prioritizing areas of immediate concern, and offering remediation solutions that abide by PCI 3-D Secure compliance standards.

Vulnerability Testing

We will conduct a thorough vulnerability assessment, identifying internal and external system weaknesses, breaches, and loopholes, prioritizing them in order of immediate concerns, and providing clear resolutions.


After the immediate vulnerabilities and gaps are identified we develop a risk contingency plan of action to patch these vulnerabilities.


We provide expert assistance in implementing PCI 3-D Secure compliance, including policy development, secure network design, and gap analysis with remediation.

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