Payment Card Industry-
Data Security Standard

Security before Compliance

We are familiar with the PCI DSS and are aware of the difficulties most firms face in achieving and maintaining compliance. Our strategy is centered on protecting your company’s assets, which includes the payment card information. 


We have created a highly successful and efficient process to assist our clients in managing their risk and achieving PCI DSS Compliance considering all challenges in the PCI space.


Our services and attitude are in line with our goal to develop enduring relationships with our clients.



A review and gap analysis to establish a baseline level of security and identify and address areas of non-compliance. This critical service is the foundation of a successful compliance program.


Vulnerability Management Services provide a comprehensive analysis of internal and external network’s and application’s security, protecting against potential compromise. Issues are identified and explained in simple language, along with recommendations for resolution.


Make sure that all PCI DSS violations are corrected or that compensating controls are utilized to reduce the risk. We take a vendor-neutral approach, offering guidance on both open-source and for-profit solutions.


Assist with information security policies and procedures; design of secure network architecture; gap analysis and remediation.


PCI DSS compliance necessitates annual final assessment for merchants, payment service providers, and hosting provider. A well-structured methodology ensures that this process is as simple as possible.

Without independence, there is no anchor for successful assessment

We were founded on the desire to do things “Ejabi’s Way,” by exceeding customer expectations first and delivering real value, as well as risk reduction and putting customer’s security on top of the list. This arose from previous experience working in a variety of typical corporate cultures that did not share this viewpoint.

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