PCI PIN Security

Secure Your Transactions, Protect Your Reputation: Trust in PCI PIN Security Assessment

WHAT IS PCI PIN Security? Who is it for?

PCI PIN Security outlines a payment security standard established by the PCI Council to safeguard PIN data. Its scope extends to encompass all types of POS devices and terminals, encompassing both attended and unattended terminal units. These standards apply not only to online transactions but also to offline payment card transactions conducted at ATMs and other POS terminals.


Additionally, compliance is obligatory for companies developing and supporting mobile payment solutions (MPoC) on Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) devices, ensuring robust safeguarding of cardholders’ PINs through stringent controls. Adherence to PCI PIN standards guarantees the validated entity achieves the desired level of security.

What Ejabi Infosec Offers With PCI PIN Security?

  • PCI PIN gap analysis
  • PCI PIN assessment and compliance


Compliance assessment

We at Ejabi Infosec enable your organization to prepare for the compliance assessment, ensuring compliance with PCI PIN Security, and PCI 3DS. It covers various domains including encryption device and application management, application security, decryption environment, and device management.

Gap analysis and testing

Our qualified security assessors team will conduct a thorough assessment of your company's current compliance status and security environment. This involves defining the scope of the compliance assessment to verify compliance with PCI PIN security standards.


We deploy a robust methodology, ensuring uninterrupted business operations. Our advanced consultation services focus on delivering compliant cybersecurity solutions. Empowering businesses with a thorough analysis of your operations, conducting gap assessments, and offering tailored remediation solutions in line with your business needs, information security policies, and network infrastructure.


In this phase when we identify missing gaps, vulnerabilities, or any non-compliance, we swiftly secure your environment to ensure a successful PCI PIN Assessment.

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