Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority

 SAMA Compliance: Fortifying Financial Integrity, Ensuring Excellence.”

Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) has introduced the SAMA Cyber Security Framework to assist organizations in safeguarding critical information assets and online services. This initiative is part of the central bank’s broader efforts to enhance the operational practices of financial institutions and ensure adherence to industry-leading standards. By establishing the Cyber Security Framework, the aim is to fortify cyber resilience through the adoption of best practices.


This comprehensive framework integrates the most effective practices from various government frameworks and industry standards, including NIST, PCI DSS, ISO 27001/27002, and Basel II. The implementation of this Security Framework empowers organizations to achieve a foundational level of security, equipping them to address and withstand the escalating challenges posed by cyber threats.


The Compliance Standard and Framework apply to all Member Organizations, which encompass Saudi Arabian banks, insurance companies, and finance companies regulated by SAMA.

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