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Vulnerability Assessment

The process of identifying vulnerabilities in systems, applications, and network infrastructures is known as vulnerability assessment. The assessment assists the organization in determining security flaws, risk exposure, and assets that may be vulnerable to cyber security breaches. The Vulnerability Assessment process can aid in the identification and correction of security flaws, as well as the prevention of surprise attacks. Performing the Assessment on a regular basis will validate the effectiveness of the existing security controls and ensure your infrastructure has a high security posture. It is an important step toward limiting your organization’s exposure to cyber threats and other risks.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a security testing method that involves conducting a planned cyber-attack on your systems with an ethical hacking mechanism. This typically entails carrying out a planned attack under controlled conditions, simulating scenarios of a real-world attack attempt. The purpose of the test is to identify exploitable vulnerabilities and assess the effectiveness of your organization’s security posture. Identifying vulnerabilities, determining how an attacker would escalate access to sensitive information, determining potential impacts, and identifying vulnerable applications and systems that may expose your business to cyber risks are all part of the penetration test. The test results and information can be used to fine-tune your system or application security policies and patch detected vulnerabilities. 

Web Application Assessment

Web Application Security Assessment is a type of information security practice that focuses on testing web-based service applications. The Security Assessment ensures that an application is secure and meets the required standards. It also verifies that the web application has been designed and configured in accordance with security best practices. The Web Application Assessment tool assists in reviewing the level of vulnerabilities, secure coding design principles, configuration, and any deployment-related issues. It also aids in the identification and remediation of recurring code vulnerabilities, insecure coding techniques, and the prevention of potential exploits.

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