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Security is critical in the messaging service. Customers must follow the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF), which SWIFT describes as “a security baseline for the entire community” despite the fact that the messaging service has become a prime target for sophisticated cyber attackers.


 Self-attestation, internal audit, and third-party review are the three levels of compliance.

Who We Are?

Ejabi InfoSec is qualified, independent SWIFT Customer Security Program (CSP) auditors who provide assurance to organizations that choose an external assessment through the SWIFT Independent Assessment Framework (IAF).


Since July 2020, all SWIFT users must conduct an independent assessment when self-attesting.


Ejabi InfoSec meets the requirement for an independent external assessment as a SWIFT Partner Program provider. As your chosen auditor, we will assist you in reducing the complexity of the compliance process and relieving the strain on your internal resources.



SWIFT CSP Attestation

Engaging Ejabi InfoSec as an external specialist will not only ensure that you meet SWIFT’s mandatory compliance requirements but will also provide additional assurance in the security of your SWIFT-related infrastructure.


An attestation audit determines whether SWIFT CSP risk drivers are met. Our clear report meets SWIFT IAF supporting document requirements, provides insight and tailored advice on how to address non-conformance in order to achieve attestation, and guides you through the submission of a fully compliant attestation via the SWIFT KYC-SA application


Your first external assessment may reveal more non-conformance than previous internal assessments or self-attestation. As a result, it may be advantageous to perform a gap audit prior to an attestation audit.


Our SWIFT CSP gap audit analyzes your organization’s SWIFT-related infrastructure to determine what you need to do to meet SWIFT’s mandatory compliance requirements. Consultants will interview relevant staff, review your current policies, procedures, and practices, and then produce a detailed gap audit report that defines your current compliance levels, highlights any areas that need to be addressed, and provides tailored recommendations to achieve compliance against the SWIFT CSCF controls.

Why Choose Ejabi InfoSec ?


We have a proven track record in financial services security auditing.


Our team brings extensive experience from various sectors and environments to ensure the highest possible security auditing standards. Qualifications of team members, for example, include:



ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

ISO 27001 Lead Implementor

Project Management Office


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